Admin Bar & Admin Menu

The Admin Bar and Admin Menu are found across the top and down the left side of your website while you are logged into your website.

Admin Bar

The blue Admin Bar is available at the top of your website after you are logged in. It will continue to be available at the top of your website while you are logged in. If you are on an editable page of your site, the Admin Bar will offer an Edit and Create link.  

Edit     will open up the page editor interface and allow you to add, edit, or delete content on the page.

Create will allow you to create a brand new page to your website.

Also available on the Admin Bar is a drop down link for help and support options. The last item on the Admin Bar is a drop down for profile options.

Admin Menu

The Admin Menu helps you to manage the content on your website. It is always available when you are logged in. Using the icon on the upper left, you can collapse it to just icons.


The Admin Menu toggle will expand or shrink the Admin Menu to show the labels for each of the sections and icons.


Dashboard - Pictured above is the website dashboard. This will give you a quick and simple summary of your website statistics. 

Pages - Pages is list of all the pages on your website weather published or unpublished. Page titles will link to the public view of that page. The Edit button will take you directly into edit mode on the page.

Blog - The Blog is a list of posts that are ordered by date rather than by topic hierarchy. 


Collections are a grouping of similar content that can be updated together or inserted as a Block on a page of your website

- Calendar events can be added and edited in the  List area. Click the blue Add Event
- Settings and displayed via the Calendar page type or content block.

Forms - Forms allow you to create new forms and manage existing forms. It also allows you to manage the responses that have been submitted.  Learn More >>

Galleries - The  Galleries collection allows you to create and manage various photo galleries that can be used throughout your website. Simply drag and drop a photos from your computer or use the Upload Image icon to add new images.  Also add captions and reorder images.

Media - The Media collection will hold and syndicate media content as a series (like a sermon series) or as stand alone program (like a Christmas program). You can upload media to your website or link to media already on another media service. There is the ability to add supporting files for each media item such as Power Point files, PDFs or other materials.

Live streaming has been integrated into the media app. If your live stream is active, the media app will display the live stream at the top of the media list automatically. Media stats including live streaming stats are available on the media dashboard.

Store - An online store is available with the ability to hold products, images and product variations. We have apps for shipping, sales tax, and secure credit card check out which deposits funds directly to your bank via one of several payment gateway options.


Within the System section of the Admin Menu you will find settings that effect the entire website functionality, looks, and feel.

Themes - Themes provide you with a number of free beautiful designs that you can apply to your website.   You can also modify theme colors Images and more in the customizer.

Users - The Users area allows you to add new users and manage existing users.

  • Administrator – has full access to the site, no restrictions on content or design. Changes to the site are immediately displayed. The Admin level is able to add users, set page and user level access.
  • Contributor – Contributors can be given access and control to specified content. When an Editor publishes the changes they have made on a page, the changes become public immediately.
  • Viewer – Viewers can access specified content, but cannot edit that content.
  • Correspondent – Correspondents are shadow user accounts to store an individual's bio data but they cannot sign in. These accounts can be helpful for visiting speakers to your church, specifically when adding their sermons (audio or video) to the media collection.

Settings - This area will give you access to the settings that effect the entire website (every page).  It also gives you access to Collection Settings.