Search Engine Optimization

How do people find your website if they only know that you are a church or school in your town?  Search Engines!  People use Google, Yahoo, or Bing, or one of many other search engins to look for sites every day.  They start by typing in a search term (we call this the "keywords").  You will want to get your site listed in these search engines.

What are the steps you need to take to help your website be listed near the top of the search engines?  There are two option for helping search engines discover your pages' description and keywords.

Option 1:

This option (most important) is the default description and keywords that is used for all pages that do not their own page specific description and keywords. 

These can be found by going to "Site Configuration & Navigation" from your "Admin Bar".  On the "Advanced" tab fill in the first two boxes labeled "Description" and "Keywords" respectively.

Both of these fields help search engines to categorize your site.  Search engins will actually display your Description for your site when the a vistor searches for a matching keywords.

Your default Description should be no more that two or three sentences and provide a detailed description of what your site is about.  Keywords are words that you think people will enter into a search engine to find your website.  Seperate each keyword by a comma and a space.

Option 2:

Each page also has it's own "Discription" and "Keyword" boxes.  If you do not use the pages meta tag fields, the default set will be applied to the page automatically. 

To change the pages meta tag fields, edit the page you want to add a description and keywords to.

Select the "Properties" tab. and add your information to the fields in the "Details" section.

Then Publish the the page.