Adding Email To Your Domain

While email is not included with the ACC website it is possible to apply your Domain name to an email service. Email Services from companies include Google's G-Suite for Non-profits, Google's G-Suite for Education, GoDaddy and many others.

Here is how to add email to your domain:

  1. Start by going to Settings on the dark gray Admin menu on the left side of the screen
  2. Choose Domains & Email
  3. Select the domain you you are wanting to set up email service for.
  4. Next, click the light gray Manage Domain drop-down button and select Change email service.
  5. If you are using SimpleUpdates or GoDaddy select the appropriate option.
  6. G Suite users:
    Select G Suite and then you will need verify ownership of the domain you are connecting to G Suite. Although Google offers a few ways to do this Using the TXT option is required in this case. simply paste in "google-site-verification=YOUR_STRING_OF_NUMBERS"
  7. All other email providers will need to use the Custom Email Provider option. This requires you to know the MX Records so that you can add them. MX Records (Mail Exchange Records) tells your website server where to send all emails.
    1. Each record has a host name (be sure to end it with a trailing period ".").
    2. Each MX Record also has a Priority that needs to be filled in.
    3. Click the light grey plus "+" button to add additional MX Records.