Adding Email To Your Domain

Here is how:

  1. Start by choosing the domain you you are wanting to set up email service for.
  2. Next, click the blue Configure Email Service for Domain button.
    Configure Email Button
  3. Choose the Configure button for the company that you are using.
  4. Google Apps users:
    1. of email service you signed up to use
  5. GoDaddy Email users:
    1. safd
  6. All other email providers will need to use the Custom Email Provider option:

configure the Mail Exchange records (MX records) for your site and add email to your domain by first selecting the domain that you are adding email to then clicking the button that says "Configure Email Services For Domain". Follow the on screen instructions to finish the process and submit. This will add the MX Records to your site on the backend allowing for email to be run through your site. Do a few tests to make sure that you have configured everything correctly and you should be done.