Billing Policy

Because of the growing number of websites using media we have made several positive changes regarding how we bill for space and bandwidth required for media on Adventist Church Connect and Adventist School Connect websites.  We increased the bandwidth and storage space in the March of 2014.

Sites now have 10 gigs of free space and 10 gigs of free bandwidth provided at no charge by the North American Division.

Every Adventist Church Connect and Adventist School Connect website comes with 10 GB of storage, which is a lot space for text , images, and documents! If you need more, then you are likely storing media files, and we have you covered:
        11 GB to 100 GB: + $10 per month.
        101 GB to 300 GB: + $20 per month.
        301 GB to 1000 GB: + $40 per month.  (and overages are billed at $0.04 per GB.)

If you do receive a bill that is different than what you expected please contact us and we will review the charges with you.