Adding/Editing Content


Adding/Editing Content

.    The links below contain training videos and pdf documents. Click on the subject that you would like to learn more about. If you don't see the topic that you would like more information on, please go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form there.

Adding Content to the  Side Columns Want to utilize t he column portion of your template? Now you can
Adding Embed, HTML, and Javas cript code HTML code isn't jus t for programmers and designers anymore. You can use it too.
Adding or Editing Text Do you see text that you would like to change? Here's some basic training to show you how to edit content and publish it.
Automatically Creating Links to Sub Pages Tired of creating links to subpages? Here is a shortcut.
Creating Links Would you like to create a link to another website that will provide resources for your visitors?
Displaying an RSS Feed Would you like to have content that changes on a regular basis?
Hexadecimal Colors This list of colors and their codes can be helpful.
Save and Publish vs. Save as Draft Wondering how to work on a page without allowing the public to view it?
Columns & Table Want to organize a section of content? Check out the Column and Table Blocks.
The Editor Toolbar Wondering what the icons on the toolbar do?