Upgrade to 3.0

Get Started

You are just a few steps away from an upgraded church or school website! Click on one of the links below to get started.


Why do I need to upgrade?

To keep up with current website standards it is imperative that churches and schools upgrade to the new 3.0 system. The new system is more secure than ever and is easier to use. Click here to discover more features of the new system.

When do I need to upgrade?

Each church or school has until August to request the upgrade to 3.0 and migrate to the new system. All 2.0 sites will be inactivated in August 2018.

What are the steps to upgrading my website?

  1. Fill out a church or school upgrade form and submit it. Our staff will verify your application. 
  2. Once your upgrade form is approved, you will receive an email with a link included. Click the link to create a password for your new account and you will have administrative access to a new 3.0 site.
  3. Begin migrating content from the old 2.0 site to the new 3.0 site and making all necessary edits. During this step you will retain access to your 2.0 site and visitors will still see the 2.0 site.
  4. When your new site is ready to be live and visible to the public, click the "Finish Upgrade" button on the Dashboard. Custom website addresses (domain names) and their DNS settings will transfer to the new 3.0 site.
  5. Your site is upgraded. Visitors will now see your new 3.0 site.

How can I get help?

What happens if I don't upgrade?

Any sites that have not started upgrading before August 28, 2018 will be converted to a simplified single page site. View a simplified single page site 

Why am I seeing an upgrade message on my church or school site?

You are seeing this message because your church or school website administrator has not yet started or completed the upgrade process.

How do I remove the upgrade message?

The only way to remove the upgrade message is to complete the upgrade process.

I'm not the webmaster. How can I help?

Contact the church or school and alert them to the need to upgrade.