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ACC Sites are Mobile Device Friendly
Many hand-held devices such as cell phones and PDAs allow users to browse the Internet without actually sitting down at a computer. This segment of the Internet population will continue to rise.

Because it’s important to make sure anyone can view your site, Adventist Church Connect websites are now mobile device (”mobi”) friendly. When a mobile device accesses an Adventist Church Connect site, the device is automatically perceived. A custom mobi template is created and wrapped around article content to send to the mobi.

The most important factor for a mobi template is that it not have large or wide graphics, which would make the user scroll horizontally in order to see the graphic or to read the text content below the graphic. Most website templates do not do well on mobi devices on their own.
Since an automatic mobi template is wrapped around your text content, most Adventist Church Connect website administrators will not need to do anything to make their sites mobi friendly.

This feature is completely integrated into Adventist Church Connect. It is not a feature you have to install or activate, and it provides an exciting new way for people to discover your church.

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